The 1940s star outfit -sweater and skirt

We are approaching with quick footsteps to winter …  I have already begun to feel my hands frozen and my nose turned into red, like a clown. I have the problem with the extremities that are always cold.

In this period, something that comes at hand are the fluffy jackets and Ugg boots, but I want to pull a little of the posivite degreeses, and keep wearing  shoes, boots and molded boots, because they will soon be forgotten or at most worn at an event.

I was wondering  the past days from where this madness, which I love very much, with shoes and socks or midi skirts and wide sweaters.

There is a beginning, for everything.

In 1940 in America, this trend was born, when rebel teenagers began to adopt college style, also called “bobbysoxer,” a trend that represented the fans of swing music.

The favorite outfit of the girls was made up of small, round collar blouses, or cashmere sweaters, assorted with pleated skirts, to the knees. The skirts were worn over layers of rigid underskirts and had various prints, from musical notes to trimmed poodles. The teenagers of that period avoided the molded sweaters on the body, in the favor of the oversized ones, almost to the knees, with the sleeves rolled up, borrowed, most of the time, from the dad’s wardrobe, as we do today, with the oversized jackets.

The fashion of those years has revealed the moccasins weared with socks to the ankle by girls. They were originally created by the American shoemaker G.H. Bass, in 1934 as “weejuns”. But high school students, have introduced a penny in the diamond-shaped groove and since then they have been called “penny loafer”- the moccasins, as we know it too.

Every year designers inspire from the fashion history, from certain periods and trends that rocked in the last century.

If you love clothes and take care of them, keep them and leave them as inheritance, because your grandchildren will appreciate and will be proud of them.

This pleated midi skirt style, loose sweater and moccasins with socks, is very easy to wear and extremely comfortable, whether you go to the office, school or shopping.

I recommend you to try it out and feel free and feminine, as the 40s girls did, even add a shirt underneath and an oversized jacket with a belt in the waist. Cool, isn’t it?


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