How to dress at a wedding, in the winter?

The best moments to go to a wedding or event of that kind are those in which the sun shines very much in the sky and there are many degrees in thermometers. Why? Simple, for a woman it’s much easier to choose an evening dress, vaporous and a pair of sandals, than to wear various coats over diaphanous dresses, ugges and shake to the location.

But it happens to have winter events, wedding, christening or engagement. Outside are just over 0 degrees or worse, it is a very strong snow storm, the ground is frozen, but we have to look perfect without getting a cold with us at home.

What do we wear in this situation?

There are several options:

1.Because the velvet has been worn since last year, I recommend you to use it with confidence! For a party in the evening, a long velvet dress is the perfect choice. You can put a pair of pearls, a clutch, some stiletto shoes and an overcoat or a fur coat. I ensure you that you will look fabulous and you will not get any cold!

2.Little black dress, whether it is in the midi or long version, is suitable for a wedding party. Wear it with a stones necklace and a pair of stiletto shoes and you will look charming.

3.I recommend that long overalls only for christening or engagement.

4.Tulle dresses are a great choice, especially if they have a little lace in their composition (whether they are long or midi)


5.Silk or taffeta dresses, as long as you have three-quarter or long sleeves.











There are 3 things you SHOULD AVOID:

  1. DO NOT wear large day bags at this type of event. Wherever you go in the evening, especially at a wedding, christening or engagement, you should have a clutch or maximum a fine envelope clutch!
  2. DO NOT wear summer dresses in the winter because they look bad, you will feel very cold and every season has his outfit type!
  3. AVOID extra short and molded dresses with sequins! They are recommended for a club party, not for an event where you will meet all your family!

and the largest NO:

GIRLS, avoid wearing white dresses when you go to a wedding !!! It is the most ugly and wrong thing you can do !!! Better not go any more than ruin the bride’s mood, wearing white! The wedding is first about the bride and she has to shine, because at some point you will be in her place and it will be unpleasant to have a guest dressed in WHITE!?

Hoping that you liked my material and read it to the end , I wish you to shine in the outfit that you will choose at the next event!


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