Purses, purses, 3 times purses!

I’m obsessed with purses! Every time I open a shopping online store, the first thing I do is go to the bags section and lose myself there! I stay for hours, searching and putting them in wishlist. I imagine how i would look with them, with what I would match them, where I would wear them. I close my eyes and imagine that I have one of the purses on my shoulders, that I touch and feel the smooth texture … and open my eyes … and I’m just in front of the application with a slight salivation in the right corner of my mouth?.

I think I suffer from an incomprehensible shopaholic syndrome! But it is nothing, as now I have whom to share all these madness of mine?.

I have a lot of bags, small bags and purses at home and they are not enough for me. Santa Claus, maybe you can hear me too. I want a great belt purse … maybe you can find it somewhere and bring it to me … I was good, you know!?

I made a top down with 10 purses.. I barely to hold back from being 100, but I thought I would bore you so hard that you would block me …?

So let’s start (they are not in a specific order, but just so I came to enumerate them):

1. Classic purse that you can wear in the office or out with the girls in the city.

2.This purse fits anywhere, is small but spacious, it can be worn on the shoulder or postman style.

3.This clutch is perfect for an event because it is atypical but special at the same time.

4.The purse below is brilliant, both through the material and the prince. I recommend you to wear it in a club or a more sophisticated event.

5.Gucci has put out a lot of gorgeous purses over the past year! I would put it on the podium in my standings! All the other brands were inspired by them. You will find this type of purse in a slightly different form at any consumer store (Zara, Mango, and so on). It is tiny but still spacious, beautiful and necessary?.

6.Isn’t it cute with its white bullets? – If you like it, you can find it at Zara?.

7.I am the classic / bohemian / romantic genre and I only have purses in the closet. Still, I’ve tried to make a top for you all. The school bag below is a good choice for both school and walks.

8.Someone asks me the past days from where to get a brand purse, but not to cost much and be qualitative (good price / quality ratio) and I recommended Furla. They have very good quality purses and have invested heavily in their design in recent years.

If you want a good bag it is good to buy it from someone who makes exclusively bags, if you want a good watch you have to take it from a watch company. In this way you will make the right choice and will make an investment that will last a long time?.

9.The kind of bag below is rock glam and I recommend it especially in the evening.

10. And last but first for me , belt bag, handbag style, super fancy and mega chic … I am subjective to this model, forgive me. It can be easily worn at anything, especially when shopping, at long walks or holidays.

So a little secret at the end … it was hard for me to write this material … and that for two reasons: firstly because I chose initally 53 purses … and I chose them hard after 2 days of searching. And secondly because I hardly refused to buy one! Anyway, I’m proud of myself, ?it could have been worse!


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