Jewellery with voice mark

Most women are in love with jewellery and I am among them, of course!. I have at home an impressive collection of jewellery of all sorts, from the statement ones, full of stones and materials, handmade, to fine gold, which I generally wear with long or cocktail dresses.

The jewellery are those accessories that will give a shiny look to your outfit and personality to each of us in an unique way.

On Friday I was invited to a launch event of the Ostara Charms Jewellery Brand, at City Park Mall Constanta. Jewellery, champagne and chocolate in a magical setting, full of books, at Carturesti … what could I wish for on a Friday afternoon ?!

Together with bloggers from Constanta, I had two hours of delight and I found out who Ostara Charms is? The story begins with her, Alina Popa, the creator of these jewellery, a warm and gentle woman, a creative and dreamy woman who gave life to a new concept, jewelery for loved ones. They are unique in Europe and special thanks to their incredible voice mark, a message we can put on the jewellery when we give it. Ostara Charms works in silver, white gold, yellow or pink gold and manages to bring emotions to our hearts, using delicate jewellery and special messages!

If you want to try them, you can go to the Ostara Charms site and in Constanta you can find them in the Carturesti store in City Mall.

I have already bought a model and I can not wait to receive it and show it to you too!

I love creative people and special things and this is such a beautiful project, full of emotions and love!


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