I’ve always liked having an impeccable manicure, to be arranged, to give me a fine perfume and to put a red lipstick on my lips.

In the last few years, due to the less and less time for me, I started replacing the ordinary nail polish with the semi-permanent nail polish, precisely because I do not have time to get to the manicure more often than twice a month. Two years ago I even put false eyelashes to reduce the makeup time, before I left the house, and I even had at some stage extensions, because I had a lot of hair loss and I wanted to have a longer and thick one.

I think that when it is necessary, a woman has to use various tricks, to look good and feel good in her skin, as long as they are made with good taste, but at the same time our body also needs breaks. Anything is not natural, used in excess, it can damage our body sooner or later.

For example, if we use excessively semi-permanent nail polish, gel or false nails, the natural nail will be destroyed over time. I do not think they should not be used, just that it is important is to take regeneration breaks. Every year, especially on the spring time, I take a break from a semi-permanent nail polish and for a month I let my nails breathe and do various treatments with calcium, tea tree oil, vitamin C and B5 and almond oil.

I like semi-permanent false eyelashes, I used them but I would not put them in the near future. Why? Because they damaged my natural eyelashes pretty much. I held them for six months and after I took them down, my eyelashes were short, thin and rare. I used Bonilash and after two months I recovered my natural eyelashes. They were applied correctly, quality products were used, but indifferently what it is used, it is a foreign body, somehow glued to the base. That’s why I recommend that at least once a year, to remove them, if you use these semi-permanent false eyelashes, for at least a month to regenerate and repair your eyelashes.

The photo below was taken many years ago, the false eyelashes were disposable, exaggerated, were applied for my birthday party, but the capillary adornment was so rich due to some semi-permanent extensions.😂

Some time ago I was addicted to the hairdresser, I have two left hands, as I recognized in a material and I can not style my hair. I went to the hairdresser twice a week, washed and curled. After a year, while I have been stressed and burned my hair, I went in an evening, in the bathroom, with my eyes in tears, and my cuticles scissors (it was the only one I had at hand) to cut my bangs, because it was so burned it looks like a sweep! One year took me to restore my hair, to regenerate it and to become healthy again! That’s why I recommend you do not exploit it! Nothing happens if you do not go less often to the hairdresser and do not use the hair straightener weekly. You are just as beautiful and if you find a natural hairstyle with what you have, whether it’s straight or curly!

Now I’ve started to go to the salon to wash and style my hair, but I rarely use the straightener and I often put vials and hair masks for hair regeneration.

A break or a spring cleaning is welcome for all of us but especially for our body.

How do you take care of yourself?


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