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World, world, gathered together to find out great news! Creative minds and talented people are getting ready to entertain and delight you with all kind of stories one more humorous and interesting than another. What occasion do you ask, perhaps? Well on the occasion of the new edition of Superblog 2017 contest.

This wonderful contest is at its fifteenth edition and will open its doors to bloggers eager to affirm, on the rhythm of words, scattered online. If you have a blog, a minimum of twenty articles published and 3 months of virtual life, you have a lot of ideas and you are a fan of writing, you can sign up for this contest straight off.

What should you do?

You can enter the SuperBlog official page, read carefully the terms of participation, because it’s very important to be well informed. You start writing, the first article is where you present the contest, right on your blog, then fill out the participation form and expect the gong to beat! And when the start is set, then the big party will begin! Every sponsor will launch weekly themes, and we, (as I signed up, what did you think?), will come up with the appropiate materials.

What do you get from all this?

First of all you have fun, you train your creativity and fingers, you will have something to type and you will fight to win prizes of all kinds, to make yourself known and to make new friends.

I don’t know how it sounds for you, but I was fascinated and I  just can’t wait for the  contest to start!

As for my readers, well, dear ones, I promise you will have some fantastic, humorous, romantic and beautiful materials, just like you!

Let’s start writing, I say! 🙂



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