Smoking is not fashionable anymore

My story begins like this: at sixteen years old, my best friend in high school, started smoking and how I couldn’t let her down, slowly, I joined her. In the first months I didn’t like it at all! I remember I smoked some hard cigarettes and after a few smokes, I was starting to get dizzy and sick … what a stupidity, I was telling me, what was in my head? I was torturing myself and I was always keen to hurt myself! The time has passed and I didn’t get rid of it until I have proved them and from that feeling of sickness and dizziness, I started to feel their lack and to smoke more and more. Probably many of you have seen this movie and you will find yourself in this story.

At one point, I had a pretty serious medical problem, and the doctor forbidden me to smoke again as soon as I got out of her office. That really scared me and I decided to quit smoking the very next day.

I resisted heroically for almost two years, when I gave birth to a wonderful baby, but the vice that swelled in me like an angry volcano, overcame at  my son’s christening. I was exhausted and slightly depressed because of an acute lack of sleep. I surrendered and I lit a cigarette and I continued to smoke as if that two-year break  had never existed …

I have to admit that during the whole period when I didn’t smoke, I had a lot of temptations, I fought a lot with myself. And that happened because it was something that a doctor had impelled me somehow, trying to explain that my health is more important … but then I didn’t understand that!

Two more years have passed since I smoked a pack of cigarettes a day and I was wondering why I keep doing it! I didn’t know how to give an answer and I was lighting another cigarette … I was addicted to them, of the habit, taste, feeling … of all!

I think that whatever we want can be done if we fight for that! So one day I decided it was time to quit smoking forever because I still want another baby and want to give him the same chances to live as his bigger brother. I set a target, a day when I don’t put a cigarette in my mouth. These plans were in the spring of last year (2016) and the date I set was September 1, 2016.

I repeat to myself and to those around me daily that I will quit smoking at my scheduled date, September 1. Obviously no one believed me, I had relapsed before, but I didn’t stop even a day to think about it, repeat myself and visualize it.

Before September 1, cigarettes had started to annoy me, the smell, that horrible taste, all annoyed me, but I continued to smoke  as I started at the age of 16, to strive and finish my last pack.

The next morning, I woke up, got dressed and went to the office. The daily ritual was a latte caffe and two cigarettes to start my day well … but that day I didn’t have the craving to light a cigarette. I took a cup of coffee and start working. The days were passing and since then I have never thought of having a cigarette anymore … which has never happened to me!

I am convinced that autosuggestion and the fact that I chose the moment when I wanted to quit smoking, repeating this to me, daily, for months, cured me of this vice!

The reason I chose to do this material? Well, there are  two: first because it’s been a year since I didn’t put a cigarette in my mouth! It’s the first year since I quit smoking, when I didn’t feel the lack of it,  no crazy appetite suddenly caught me, standing next to a smoker. The second reason is to support my friend Zana Scutecel, who started a massive smoke campaign during pregnancy!

I was able to quit smoking because I wanted it, because I realized it wasn’t good for me and those around me, especially for my child and because I wanted a healthy life !

Do you want that? If the answer to this question is YES, then set the day you breathe and you will emanate health!


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