Mini skirt in trend!

I was talking to myself the past few days through the house, that this autumn the mini is in trend. My son, who was next to me, asks me: Mini and Mickey, mommy?

Well, Mini and Mickey are the characters loved by the kids everywhere, they will always be topical, but I was referring to mini skirts and dresses obviously.

I wasn’t an infatuated fan of mini skirts, maybe I’m a little bit shy. I think  that a woman is attractive by attitude and elegance, not by legs and  decolletage at sight, but with a decent and nicely accessorized measure. I recommend them dearfully.

For the autumn – winter season, mini skirts have returned to trend in a lot of colors, sizes and materials. If you take a walk to the mall, you will find these skirts in any store you enter.

How do you choose the perfect mini skirt and how do you wear it? First of all, I recommend these mini skirts and dresses to the thin women. Even if they are in the trend and you will find them all over the city, if you don’t have maximum the weight equal to the height (1.70 – 70 kg, 1.65 – 65 kg), these skirts aren’t for you!

You can access them with heels when you go out in the city, in the evening and with flats, at work (here you have to be careful about the length, because you have to keep a certain decency). If you are a student or an active young woman you can wear this mini skirt with sports shoes (sneakers or gym shoes).

5 ideas of outfits

1. The mini skirt with a pair of sneakers, a t-shirt, a jeans jacket and an oversized handbag is a great choice for a young girl always on move

2. In the cold season you can wear the skirt with a loose sweater and a pair of boots over your knees.


3. Heels, the ruffles shirt and leather skirts or floral prints can be a chic choice for a day out.


4. Teenagers full of life or sports women can wear the mini skirt with a loose blouse and a pair of sport shoes.

5. In the office, with a shirt or a blouse, a coat, boots and a purse, you will look and feel sensational

Have a nice day!


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