How do you keep fit without gym?

Sport is a wonderful thing for the body, regardless of the age at which we practice it. But what do we do if we are not friends with the gym or running in the park?

I have to admit, slightly ashamed, that when I hear this word, my hair starts to rise and I have a slight panic attack. Honestly, I don’t know  why so much fear and from where it comes. The fact is I don’t like it, I can’t practice it and I don’t find myself in it! 🙂

However, the  age doesn’t help me anymore, and yet I have to do something to look decent. Until recently, I was an adept of anti-cellulite massages, which in my case had always results, along with a healthy diet. But what do you do when your masseuse, responsible for the proper functioning of your body, gets pregnant and brings a wonderful soul to the world ?! You’re happy for her and look for something else to keep you in shape.

Like any youngster who searches on the internet for any bargain, I’ve been looking for a body remodeling clinic in Constanta for about 2 weeks, and after many reviews I found it – Onix!

Slightly skeptical, because I hadn’t been in a clinic like that before, I made a first appointment, for a consultation, to see what it was about.

Encountered by a sympathetic lady, Violeta, whom I later became friends with, I tried a first session, on her recommendation, of Ultra Lipo, a device that uses acoustic waves to permanently destroy fat cells and reduce an average of 10 centimeters in 4 sessions!

I honestly confess that after the first session I left with 2 cm less on the hips !! Obviously I made a 4-sessions subscription and at the end of it I lost 8 cm of my hips! I was very proud of myself.

I didn’t expect such results, especially since I didn’t have a special diet, but I was a bit more careful about what I ate at that time!

I then continued with Starvac, a device that eliminates cellulite 2 times faster than cellulite massage and a new device with some magnificent bands that tonify, burn cellulite and make us look perfect on the beach.

I still have to try devices and techniques of body remodeling, facial and all the pack, because they have many of them, one more performant than another.

After 2 months of treatments, I decided to share this wonderful breakthrough with you, because I’m delighted by the results!

Even if you think you may not be from Constanta and you can’t reach the Onix clinic, surely you will find a body remodeling clinic in your city. Go and make a try,  you will get something good.

I hug you with love and go to a Starvac, because on the weekend I intend to go to the beach.

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