How you dress at a pool party?

It’s summer and we all think about holiday. I , whenever have five free minutes, I search all sorts of websites looking for the perfect holiday. I dream with my eyes open those days, in which I will have nothing to do, in which I will sunbathe all day and I delight with various goodies.
Until my holiday I still have to dream a little, but today I would like to talk a bit about how we dress at a pool party or at the seaside, by the case. Now, they are lucky who enjoy these pool parties at the seaside, on holiday, but as beautiful as those can be the ones organized in your town. Regardless of which option you are, it is good to know what to wear, to feel good and to be in the spotlight, why not?
Whether you have an imposed theme or not, you have to keep in mind the following:
1) Take a swim suit at you. Preferably a whole one or of 2 pieces, as sexy as possible and that hightlights your body. You will definitely get into the water sooner or later and it is good to be prepared and more than that, at a party of this kind, the most important thing is the swim suit.
2) Be prepared with a dress because for sure the party will continue until midnight and the swim suit is suitable as long as the sun shines in the sky.
3) Accessorize the outfit with jewelry, sunglasses and a beach hat
4) Give up the thongs, it’s a party, you have time for them on any beach day, wear sandals or slippers with or without heels
5) Smile and enjoy your party, your friends and the sun that will delight your bodies all day, on music rhythms.


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