The perfect manicure for winter

The first thing I look  when I meet a new person, even if it is man or woman, involuntarily, my eyes go to their hands. I do not know how I got stuck with this, but apparently does not give me peace and I started … that’s right, for years, to make an obsession for everything about hand care especially nails.

I remember that a few years ago when I was working at a distribution company, where I had at the  sales department, many women in the team, I was asked by my boss, a guy who carried very much about the look, to have like a courtesy meeting with my colleagues, in which we had to talk about our image in front of to the client. Back then I was the head of marketing department of the company and with the risk of attracting looks like * what do you know? * I decided to make a meeting with all the women in the company, in which we talked about how we can be beautiful with few resources and what is the first impact on the customer. By doing this I eased the atmosphere a little bit and I didn’t point the finger to the persons in need of this discussion, because we know very well that by nature, we women, are sensitive and maybe in a time of wandering we forgot  to really look in the mirror … we forgot about us.

In fact all this meeting and this discussion was almost all set on the subject of manicure. It seems something so simple, so trivial … every time I tell my boyfriend that I’m going to do my manicure has that look that many men have …  the manicure  again?… but  haven’t you  done it last week? wasting time for nothing !?:)  and I am acting like I do not understand his look and continue on my way. 🙂 The result of that meeting was that eventually manicure is a very important thing. Do not understand that I sent you to the  salon! This can be done simply at home with a pile and nail polish.

The first impact that we have with a new person or with   one that we have  just met is the visual impact. If we meet someone or welcome politely, we reach out the hand and the nails come into view. If you’re in a meeting and want to sign a contract, you put your hands on the pen and all nails will come out. If we want to leave a business card … .the same will happen.

It is always necessary  to take care of our manicure!

Below I put some pictures with the type of manicure recommended by specialists for the winter, but this is debatable because each person has a unique style has certain colors or shapes that define her. For example, I am  a declared  red lover, I could not wear any gray or blue ……maybe as a try, as I did a few times, but I can choose shades of red, burgundy or even nude.

The beginning of the year trends recommend the fingernails to be  round, but again it is only a thing about  taste and ordinariness. I personally like red nails, cuted short and easy squared. They fit me very well with both finger length (slightly pianist) and with my clothing style .

What color defines you more? Are you open to change, did you tried something new, in terms of colors and shapes?




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