The successful debut of Christian Dior

In 1947 Christian Dior created  a new model of dress which colored fashion after the Second World War and gave a fresh and sexy air to the women. After a gray, bleak period, in which no one thought about the way they dress, because the war had put its mark on everyone, Christian Dior  stands out with  a collection that had to be called  Carolle Line, renamed then by the editor of Hraper’s Bazaar, * The New Look Collection * in which the beauty, sensuality and femininity were celebrated through a cut and a corset that highlights the waist and spreds the hips.

Dior created this model of  dress because after the war, women’s clothing began to resemble very much to the men and he says  “I wanted my dresses to be made such as buildings, poured on women’s bodies, highlighting their shapes “. Dior used a large amount of expensive material for his collection creations, promoting luxury textiles of  Robert Perrier (who provided material for both Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent).



This model of dress has been well received by the ladies of high society and managed to attract celebrity clients both  Hollywood  and  European aristocrats and send  Christian Dior among the most coveted designers of these times. With the presentation of New Look  collection, the first perfume, Miss Dior, was also launched, it was thought  even before opening  the fashion house, a year ago, in 1946.

Christian Dior changed the rules of grace worldwide, even more he came with some fresh air at a time when everyone needed him.

Today, his vision continues through collections adapted to our times and is embraced with extravagance and elegance by the new generations.


J’adore Dior, exactly as the title of one of the fashion house suggests, this style has a special elegance, inspires sensuality and confidence. Just this things he wanted to bequeath and he succeeded!



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