Christmas decorations

The tree is the most beautiful accessory for Christmas. Whether it is natural or not, the tree decoration is an exciting time, full of creativity and joy. I think that this accesory must match with the furniture that we have in the house and with the colors of the curtains and walls. So whatever any designer would say, like the fact that this year the minimalist tree is in trend (meaning that small plastic tree that we put on the dining room table) or about the globes in shades of purple and pink, I would smile politely and I would say that in my house, that kind of Christmas tree is not allowed .. why? because I do not like small plastic trees, I do not like the purple and dusty pink tree decorations, I like to wear this kind of colors, not to hang its in the house!

So, depending on the colors we have in the house and our style, we’ll decorate the tree. Indeed, it is known that we shouldn’t use tinsel no longer and those oblong pearlescent globes, but we can use many accessories from the previous years.
For example what is the trend for the trees or in terms of decorations for Christmas, is exactly the same as what happens in fashion. Every season designers are coming up with new collections and automatically new trends and this would mean that we should change our wardrobe, completely, at least two times a year … I believe that each season we need to buy some items in trend for that season, which we will successfully accessorize with our entire outfits.
A week before Christmas, I find the perfect tree for me (I like to be natural and rich), I’m looking for the decorations from the last year, I choose a central color and another one to give it a little more life and i start decorating. I read several stories about Christmas, I walk through decoration stores and I fill the collection with a few accessories (every year I get something new for the Christmas tree). I also see if I still like the decorations for the table (who are very important) and if I could use its again or add something new and remake a little the theme and the colors.

Every tree has a story, we rewrite our trees stories every year. Write this year a memorable story with your Christmas tree and decorate it on the sounds of carols, with a glass of mulled wine, with your loved ones! And then you have the most beautiful tree in your trend!

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